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Green Orca

Our Green Orca modules are used for a variety of maritime and landbased applications. The Green Orca have been available in the series 1050 and 525, the latter has been used in mobile equipment and legacy projects. The GO 1050 has been installed on vessels to supply energy for as hotel load, peak shaving or providing power to diesel-electric engines.

In the GO 525 our mechanical design and patented spring load construction keep the cells in position under the most demanding circumstances. Both types have a cell arrangement with which we achieve a permanent ultra-low impedance power path inside the battery module. The base of the module contains a thermal conductive material allowing for mechanical robustness and extra heat dissipation. The aluminium enclosure prevents ingress of water and dust; it’s waterproof.13x2 go1050 battery system + exhaust


DNV Type Approved

The Green Orca 1050 system has DNV type approval, which shows the safety of our batteries

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Proven technology

With our first installed systems already being used for over 10 years, our system has proven to be long life and robust

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Modular design

Our battery system has a modular design, which ensures the system can be built to fit in the space available

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Technical data

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Performance Specifications GO 1050
Storage10,5 kWh
Max Charge200 A/1C
Max Discharge300 A/ 1.5C
CoolingAir Cooled
WxHxD335 x 541 x 542
Weight82 Kg.
Performance Specifications GO 525
Capacity5,0 kWh
Voltage 52 V
Max Charge0.5C continuous -1.5C max
Max Discharge0.5C continuous - 2C max
CoolingAir Cooled
WxHxD335 x 541 x 542
Weight52 Kg.

Read more about our new system: The Octopus Series

The Octopus Series is the battery system created based on years of experience of our Green Orca system in the field, experiences of our clients and new innovations and developments in the market and from our engineeringteam.

Octopus String Controller