53 Norwegian fish farm feeding barges go green

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Multifunctional power generation for aquaculture vessels

Based in Norway, a nation built on seafood, our partner Fjord Maritime developed ‘Fjord Hybrid’, an environmentally friendly solution for fish farm power generation and supply. This innovative concept is a plug-and-play system that reduces generator running time with the use of lithium-ion batteries, electric drives and smart software. It automates power generation and supply for individual fish farms.

To design and create optimal performance for the farm’s feeding barges, Fjord Maritime worked closely together with EST-Floattech and Bosch Rexroth. Over 50 inspections and power measurements resulted in the right dimensioning of the battery system. EST-Floattech delivered its DNV approved Green Orca 1050 modules with a total capacity of 147kWh or 2 x 126kWh, depending on the needs of the barge. As the system brought optimal results, it was installed on the client’s fleet of 53 feeding barges.

The generator is running for only 3 hours per day

The Fjord Hybrid, in combination with the Li-ion battery technology delivered by EST-Floattech, requires the generators to run for only three hours per day, instead of 24 hours – which was the current norm in 2019. This solution cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared with traditional operations.

Fjord hybrid battery container
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Fish farm flåte fotokredit Øystein lunde ingvaldsen (norway)
Fish farm
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Battery room fish farm

More benefits

Moreover, reduced running time extends the lifetime of fish farm power supply systems by up to 60%. Greater energy efficiency and the use of batteries are not only beneficial in terms of reduced emissions, but also bring operational reliability and more uptime.
Fjord Hybrid uses the spare capacity left on the generator to charge the batteries while the generator feeds the rest of the barge with electricity. When the batteries are fully charged, the generator stops and the system and grid solely run on the ESS – a clear case of extreme efficiency.

Norway leads

With Norway’s famous fjords set to become zero-emission zones by 2026, EST-Floattech’s solutions have been widely adopted in Scandinavia. Having implemented this energy storage and supply solution for Norwegian fish farm operators, Fjord Maritime has started to export the systems to the UK, Canada and Chile.

Video on the solution (language and subtitles in Norwegian)

FJORD HYBRID® – presentasjon av løsning from Fjord Maritime on Vimeo.

Optimal safety and silence

The Energy Storage System (ESS) delivered by EST-Floattech has a raft of integrated safety features. Its unique active balancing and passive safety system is applied at the module and string level. Heat is dissipated by a simple off-the-shelf aircon unit. The battery racks are a favourable option as they can easily be installed in a modular fashion, deliver and store clean power and are easy to operate.

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