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The process

How we work

Our support services are part of the solutions we offer. Once you decide on an EST-Floattech ESS, you will be guided through all phases of the project by the project team. From the first calculations and designs to the onboard testing, installation, and delivery of your batteries, we are there to assist, execute, and explain. This way, we ensure successful sea trials and operations by working in collaboration with the system integrator, vessel owner, and/or shipyard.

Phase 1


During the conceptual design phase, the optimal battery solution for your application is designed. This is based on several aspects such as the sailing profile and what the system will be used for.

Phase 2

Basic Engineering

Once the design has been made based on calculations the battery system, interfaces, battery room specifications and certifications will be defined.

Phase 3

Detailed Engineering

We will look at detailed integration at your location and we will come to the desing freeze.

Phase 4

Production and FAT-test

The production of your system will be started at our facility in Badhoevedorp in the Netherlands. Next a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) will be performed and the system is prepared for shipment.

Phase 5


Once delivered, the shipyard can start with the assembly of the racking and put the modules in there.

Phase 6


Next our commissioning engineers, that have aligned a commissioning plan with you, will come by to connect the modules and string controllers.

Phase 7


Once integrated, all the batteries are tested in opterational mode during the Harbour Acceptance TEst and the Sea Acceptance Test.

Phase 8


A standard warranty is included in your system. You can also discuss an extended warranty. An annual mechanical inspection by our team is advised.

Steps 1-3: The Design phase

During this phase we make calculations to design the optimal solution for you. We also look as the battery room, specifications and interfaces needed. At the end you receive a detailed plan for the integration at your location.


Step 4: Production and Factory Acceptance tests

Once the design is approved by all parties involved, production starts at our HQ in the Netherlands. To guarantee the highest quality, we only source from leading cell suppliers.

After a successful Factory Acceptance Test your batteries are safely shipped to their destiny: your ship or project.

Step 5-7: Installation, Commisioning and HAT/SAT

Note that battery packs can be installed by us or a system integrator. If you choose the latter, we can still advise and help you (and them) to overcome any obstacles. Once operational we have a dedicated Service Team that is available 24/7/365 for both regular After Sales Services or (emergency) Support Services.

We ensure successful sea trials and operations, in collaboration with the system integrator, vessel owner and/or shipyard. All batteries are tested in operational mode during the Harbour Acceptance Test and the Sea Acceptance Test.

Fat test

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