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Flexible, high scale and safe energy storage solution

Containerized  Solution

Octopus® Series containerized energy storage solution

The Octopus Series battery system is available in a containerized solution, including the Octopus Battery Management Platform for smooth operation. The containerized Octopus Series is a maritime energy storage solution available in different sizes and it can be used for many maritime applications.


The customized containerized solutions are suitable for Maritime purposes, either mobile or stationary. Together with our partners we customize our energy storage solutions in an ISO 10, 20ft or high cube container or larger if required. The DC or AC Energy Containers can store 126 kWh up to 2 MWh of energy.Containerized energy storage system

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Existing fleet

This containerized energy storage is a flexible solution for all refits, retrofits, upgrades or conversions to upgrade or renew your existing fleet.

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This solution can be used to supply energy for electrical or hybrid propulsion. It can function for different application needs.

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Independent unit

There is no space needed on board for a dedicated battery room and it is an easy way to expand your capactiy with a zero-emission energy supply.

Product features


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Containerized Octopus SeriesHigh EnergyHigh PowerLite XL
Container10-20ft (HC)10-20ft (HC)10-20ft (HC)
Voltage500-100 VDC500-100 VDC500-100 VDC
Capacity100-2000 kWh50-1400 kWh150-2800 kWh
(Dis-)charging0.5 C cont - 1 C max2.0 C cont - 3.0 C max0.3 C cont - 0.5 C max
Vibration and shockUNT38.3, DNV 2.4, IEC 60068-2-6

The Octopus Containerized solution is scaleable to your energy needs

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