Containerized Solution for KOTUG’s E-Pusher 1

Est floattech container


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Est floattech container

Customized container with Octopus Series battery system

EST-Floattech has designed, assembled and delivered the first Octopus Series High Energy Container to KOTUG International B.V.

The leading international towage and maritime company, has chosen EST-Floattech’s containerized energy storage solution with Octopus Series for the E-Pusher 1 (Type M), the world’s first fully electric pusher boat. The battery system is supporting the vessels every energy need. The E-pusher Type M is an innovative, emission-free pusher that transports cargo on the inland waterways, this design revolutionizes the way energy is stored and distributed in the maritime industry. The E-Pusher 1 transports cocoa beans for Cargill from the Port of Amsterdam to Zaandam

Octopus container
Est floattech container
Est floattech container

Octopus Series High Energy modules

EST-Floattech’s team has been working on the custom built containerized solution with Octopus High Energy modules. Starting out as a sparring partner to define the amount of energy needed for the propulsion and auxiliary systems, to designing the custom built containerized solution. The container has been designed and constructed in a little over half a year, thanks to the new production facilities for the Octopus Series. In those months we have been in close cooperation with KOTUG, Padmos (builder of the E-Pusher commissioned by KOTUG), Sea and Shore, and Gebhard Electro to realise the Octopus Series container which will provide reliable, emission-free power for the E-Pusher, that has been delivered to Cargill. The container is ESTRIN-Certified, testifying the to the robustness and safety of this maritime battery system.

This containerized solution provides the energy that allows the E-Pusher to make about three trips from Zaandam to Amsterdam and back. Picking up and pushing the cocoa beans to the Cargill facilities. When at the Cargill facilities in Zaandam the Octopus Series Container will be charged three times per week with green energy.

Our technical engineers specifically designed the battery solution inside this container based on the sailing profile of the E-Pusher for Cargill, creatin a container with a capacity of 2MWh. This customized containerized solution and the emission-free sailing of the E-Pusher make a big difference. Starting with the people who live along the route, they no longer have noise or smell pollution. Emission-free sailing is also important for the scenic environment along the route. For the captain, it offers benefits as well: they no longer sit in the smell, there is no noise pollution from the engine, and it sails smoothly and fast.

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