Octopus String Controller
High Power Energy Storage solutions for durable large-scale battery Installations.

Octopus High Power

The High Power module combines industry-leading cell technology with EST-Floattech’s proprietary designs, unique Octopus battery management platform and monitoring system. It features multiple safety layers in mechanical design and software and can be used for a wide range of applications.


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Maritime certified

Besides that the module is safe-by-design, EST-Floattech has incorporated cell-to-cell propagation prevention solutions. The High Power modules meet the strictest Maritime class requirements and has type approvals from: Lloyd’s Register, DNV and Bureau Veritas.

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Easy to install

Our dedicated teams and service professionals are at your service. Each string of batteries has a String Controller which provides easy integration with the ship’s system. EST-Floattech also provides a single platform for virtually any type of ship and propulsion system, keeping monitoring, management accessibility and ease of operation the same across your fleet.

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Scalable to your needs

Each of the designs is customized to ensure it fits into the available space. And is suitable for any changes in your on-board architecture and power requirements. Whether you want to equip an all-electric fleet or adapt an existing infrastructure, there is a solution.

Product features

High current charge- & discharge cycles



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Storage5.8 kWh
Voltage52 V
Capacity112 Ah
Charging2.0 C Continuous
Charging3.0 C maximum
Discharging2.0 C Continuous
Discharging3.0 C maximum

The Octopus High Power is scaleable to your energy needs

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