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We are part of the Ponooc investment fund, the Rotterdam Port Fund, PDENH and Yard Energy. Safeguarding the continuity of our company and our sustainable and economic battery systems.

  • The Ponooc investment fund is focused on companies dedicated to sustainable energy storage and mobility. Ponooc is affiliated with the Pon Group, one of the largest family firms in the Netherlands with more than 12,000 employees worldwide. Pon Group consists of 80 companies and operates in 32 different countries in 9 fields of activity.


  • The Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that aims to invest in companies with innovative, port-related activities that have an attractive market potential. The fund is an initiative by the Rotterdam Port Authority, NIBC Bank, Innovation Quarter, Koninklijke Doeksen and Rotterdam entrepreneurs Peter Goedvolk and Luc Braams.


  • PDENH (Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland) invests in start-ups, established enterprises and projects based in the province of North Holland. PDENH supports sustainable business models that contribute to a sustainable economy. Focus areas of PDENH are the energy transition, sustainable mobility and circular economy.


  • Yard Energy specializes in developing onshore wind energy in Northern Europe. The company is one of the top 3 privately owned onshore wind farm developers in the Netherlands. Yard Energy is developing part of the renewable energy infrastructure needed in Northwest Europe and creates opportunities for individual and institutional investors.