Gothenburg gets it’s first electric ferry: “Elvy”

Elvy 1580

Ship owner



Uudenkaupungin Ty”ovene Oy





Year of realization

Battery capacity

1260 kWh

Battery solution

Green Orca





Batteries onboard of electric ferry in Sweden

Next in line in the electrification of ferry traffic is the Elvy, owned by Västtrafik. Two battery packs, each 504 kWh, of our DNV approved Green Orca 1050 are installed. Elvy is ready for operation and will sail on the Göta River, transferring passengers in ultimate comfort of silence through the canals of Gothenburg. Elvy is Västtrafik’s first electric-powered ferry and is able to run on electricity for about four hours. When the battery runs out of power, it can be recharged during operation, or with electricity onshore. The power relies on three independent power sources (two battery packs and one generator) guaranteeing power, safety and reliability at all times.

“The transition to fully electric city traffic is crucial for us to be able to achieve the high environmental goals we have.”

Peter Hermansson, Chairman of the Board for West Traffic

We are excited to be an important European market player in this energy transition. Operation powered on our Energy Storage Solutions reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles by one third, and fuel savings are up to 45 percent.The ferries Älveli and Älvfrida, part of Västtrafik’s fleet are awaiting a green flag for a retrofit.

We congratule Västtrafik with taking the first steps to electrify the ferries in Gothenburg, Sweden and wish them and their future passengers a safe trip! We’d like to thank Tyovene for the order and look forward to supporting them with future projects.

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Reducing CO2-emissions

This solution is expected to cut CO2 emission by more then 55% while nitrogen oxides and particles emissions are reduced by 40% compared to her sister vessels.

Another great advantage of the batteries is the reduced noise emission. With the vessel operating in the heart of the city Gothenborg, passengers and nearby citicens will no longer be bothered with the sound of running generators.

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