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Octopus series

The Octopus series is the next generation maritime certified battery system.

The Octopus Series battery system comes with the Octopus platform, an advanced Battery Management System (BMS). This BMS is developed to configure a variety of batteries and provides a user-friendly interface that connects the battery systems.


Based on 10+ years of knowledge

We have over 10 years of know-how in designing, building, commissioning, and servicing tailored solutions. What’s more, we previously built up years of experience as system integrators.

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Remote monitoring

Gain valuable insights and enable optimizations with realtime data. We can support you immediately and have a look into the system. ISO-certified RMM, which brings you comfort onboard and limits possible downtime.

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Proven management system

Modbus TCP / IP communication ensures smooth interfacing with the ship’s energy management system and all field-proven functionalities are available in one environment.

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Octopus Platform

This platform ensures that the shipowner has one consistent interface that can be used for different applications, such as a range of battery configurations or chemistries.

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Modular system with individual cell monitoring

The system has high-resolution redundant individual cell voltage and temperature measurements that ensure batteries’ health and safety and help prevent damage with early alerts.

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Safe & certified

EST-Floattech’s Octopus® Series comply with strict requirements from leading classification bureaus: DNV, Lloyds Register, and Bureau Veritas

The Octopus Series.
A solution for every maritime energy application

The Octopus Energy Storage System has been specifically designed for maritime needs, including fully electric and hybrid propulsion. Its modular and flexible design enables it to meet a wide range of mechanical and electrical requirements.

Octopus String Controller

Octopus High Energy

Octopus High Energy , safe and robust energy storage solution for even the most demanding applications. The logical choice for large-scale battery installations and for systems requiring anything from 100 kWh up to several Megawatts.

Octopus String Controller

Octopus High Power

The Octopus High Power meets today’s power module application demands. The modules are optimized for fast charging and dis-charging applications. Ideal for applications such as ferries that recharge for the next crossing.

Containerized solutions

Our containerized solutions provide ease of transportation, offering a modular and scalable approach to energy storage needs. A rapidly deployable, efficient, and cost-effective way to store and manage energy on maritime vessels.


The Octopus series is scaleable to your energy needs

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