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The electrification of public transport

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Zero-emissions in urban areas

Meet the local maritime emission requirements wherever you go! No more paperwork and permit applications, rerouting, checking legislation and other issues – rest assured your emissions are no longer an issue!

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Low maintenance

Our proven energy storage solutions have been designed for long hours of operation, with minimal monitoring and maintenance requirements. Inspections are simple and require minimal technical know-how.



Optimized energy distribution

By taking in a wide range of variables and data from different sources, power distribution can be managed in the most efficient way. Our maritime battery management system ensures you get the most from your electrical propulsion system.

Successfully electrifying public transport over waterways

The popularity of hybrid and electrically powered ferries and river cruisers continues to grow for many reasons. Carbon emissions are reduced, and the requirements of local authorities can be met easily and quickly. Ferry owners and operators can save significantly on fuel and maintenance expenses. Crew and passengers can enjoy the luxury of sailing in comfortable silence.

Hybrid and electric boat propulsion is a reality for ferries and river cruisers. Within this segment, EST-Floattech has been active since the very beginning of the energy transition. Numerous ferries rely entirely on EST-Floattech’s ESS (Energy Storage System).

Have a look at the Green Orca battery-system of the SFK Ferry “Friedrichsort”:

Hybrid ferry ‘Friedrichsort’ from Holland Shipyards Group on Youtube

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