EST-Floattech powers largest sailing yacht “Perini Navi Sybaris

Perini Navi Sybaris


Perini Navi

Type of vessel

Sailing yacht



Year of realization


Battery capacity

136,5 kWh

Battery solution

Green Orca





For the Perini Navi “Sybaris” 70 mtr. hybrid sailing yacht, we delivered in Class-Approved Lithium Polymer batteries.

Sybaris is breaking new ground for the builder in terms of power management. Two variable speed generators supply electrical power via a DC bus to the vessel’s main electrical grid with the potential to store excess power in a 137kWh lithium polymer battery pack that provides two to three hours of silent operation capability, according to Akgül.

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Sybaris perini navi 00
Sybaris sailing super yacht perini navi running shot credit giuliano sargentini
Technical detail 70mt sybaris dep sybaris

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