Octopus String Controller

Octopus Lite

The Lite modules strike a balance between energy density and weight, making them  suitable for vessels where space and weight constraints are critical factors.

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Maritime Type Approved

The Octopus Lite battery system has Lloyd’s register Type Approval

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Easy to integrate

Our new system comes with the String Controller and Octopus Series platform, which ensures easy integration with any system.

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Scalable to your needs

The Octopus Series battery system can be designed to meet your energy systems need. Whether you’re equipping a full-electric fleet or adapting existing infrastructure there’s a solution.

Product features

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Storage10 kWh
Voltage52 V
Capacity192 Ah
Charging0.4 C continuous
1.25 C maximum
Discharging0.4 C continuous
1.25 C maximum

The Octopus Lite is the next generation energy storage system for maritime applications.

Our knowledgeable team is eager to discuss solutions with you! Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Octopus String Controller