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New generation of hybrid water injection vessels

Van oord

New generation of hybrid water injection vessels with batteries of EST-Floattech

The hybrid vessels named “Maas” and “Mersey” have been developed by Kooiman Engineering, part of Kooiman Marine Group, in close collaboration with Van Oord. On 30 June, the naming ceremony took place on June 30 at the Van Oord head office in Rotterdam. The two vessels were ordered in 2019 and are part of the Van Oord’s fleet investment program. “Maas” and “Mersey” will replace the first generation of WIDs, which were put into service around 1990.

Hybrid energy management system onboard

Both vessels are equipped with a hybrid energy management system. EST-Floattech delivered its DNV-GL approved Green Orca 1050 modules with a total capacity of 189 kWh each. EST-Floattech is proud to be the battery supplier for these vessels and to support Van Oord’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Meeting IMO Tier 3 and Stage V emission requirements

Water injection dredging is an efficient and environmentally friendly way of maintaining the depth of navigation channels, ports, marinas and rivers.The new water injection vessels will comply with the new IMO TIER III legislation for reducing NOx emissions and take account of EU STAGE V legislation.The ship is equipped with multiple systems that reduce emissions and increase deployability. The vessels can store energy in batteries from residual heat that is normally lost. This energy is subsequently used for purposes including propulsion. Diesel-electric engines will reduce CO2 emissions.

A customized battery solution

The energy storage system (ESS) delivered by EST-Floattech has a raft of integrated safety features. Its unique active balancing and passive safety system is applied at the module and string level. Heat is dissipated by a simple off-the-shelf aircon unit. The battery racks are a favourable option as they can easily be installed in a modular fashion.

Close collaboration with system integrator Holland Ship Electric

To design and create optimal performance for the Water Injection Dredgers, system integrator Holland Ship Electric (HSE) worked closely together with EST-Floattech.

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