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Shell launched the first MegaWatt charger in the Netherlands in collaboration with EST-Floattech for trucks and ships.

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We would like to congratulate Shell with the launch of the first MegaWatt charger for ships and trucks in the Netherlands.

This charger is specifically designed for heavier vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and ships, to quickly transfer a large amount of power. As a result, waiting times are shorter, and they can get back on the road faster. This makes switching to electric transport more attractive, allowing us to take significant steps towards a zero emission future.

EST-Floattech | Energy Storage Solutions delivered the first containerized marine battery system capable to be charged by the MegaWatt charger to Shell. We strongly believe that the whole maritime industry can benefit from this new MCS standard. If you like to learn more feel free to contact us.

A special thank you to Shell for the remarkable event. It was a pleasure to be there and to see the MegaWatt charger in action. Together we stand for a sustainable future.

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