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PDENH third investor in EST-Floattech

54653 pdenh with est floattech. credit est floattech

PDENH (Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland) invests in EST-Floattech, a Dutch technology firm that develops energy storage systems for fully electric and hybrid maritime application and mobile energy applications.

A vital role for EST-Floattech in  the energy transition

EST-Floattech is a top three player in the field of energy storage systems for the maritime sector and has a track record of more than 50 projects. Its innovative battery systems are used in applications such as the hybrid IJ- ferries in Amsterdam, Rijkswaterstaat’s new battery hybrid multi-purpose vessels, super yachts and fully electric excavators. Through their energy storage systems, EST-Floattech plays a vital role in  the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives, which perfectly aligns with PDENH’s mission to stimulate a sustainable economy. Energy storage systems are an essential component of this transition.

Safe and Reliable Energy Storage

The battery systems are based on Li-NMC cell technology and are very safe and reliable. As such they are one of the few to receive DNV-GL type approval. The systems are mostly used for full electric and diesel-hybrid applications. But also hydrogen and LNG battery combined drivelines are upcoming and are a desired future. The environmental benefits are manifold: a significant reduction in emissions of harmful substances (NOx and CO2) and significant additional cost benefits.

PDENH third investor for fuelling growth

EST-Floattech was founded in 2009, and it has been a subsidiary of Ponooc, an investment fund affiliated with the Dutch family company Pon Group. Last year the Rotterdam Port Fund took a share in EST-Floattech and now PDENH becomes the third investor in EST-Floattech. The company operates from Hoofddorp and has a working staff of over 25 and growing, fuelled by the investments of PDENH and Rotterdam Port Fund.

PDENH third investor in short period for EST-Floattech

“The participation of PDENH provides us with growth capital and the recognition that we contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands. With PDENH onboard we are convinced we will be able to become a more recognized and visible supplier in the Dutch market”, says Trond Skaufel, CEO of EST-Floattech.

“Battery systems will provide a major contribution to clean energy. We are excited to become part of the ambitious mission of EST-Floattech to create a cleaner maritime sector and additionally make the use of excavators sustainable within city areas”, says Bart Blokhuis, CEO of PDENH. “We are convinced that EST-Floattech is well positioned to create enormous impact, and PDENH hence looks forward to contribute to this in close cooperation with its management, Ponooc and Rotterdam Port Fund”.


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