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IJveer 65 touches the water for the first time

Ijveer 65

6th hybrid ferry with ESS from EST

Amsterdam’s fleet of passenger ferries has just been joined by a sith hybrid vessel: the IJveer 65. Partially powered by 26 Lithium Ion Polymer batteries, producing 136 kWh, the new ferry is larger and cleaner than the old diesel ferries. It will also be able to transport 70 more passengers each time across the increasingly busy IJ waterway.

Amsterdam’s GVB transport company has adopted the hybrid approach for environmental and practical reasons. The city’s rapid growth also means significant growth of passenger journeys with are made between central Amsterdam and its increasingly populous northern area with growth of +15%. This residents figure is set to increase to 106,000 over the next few years.

Switching to hybrid power has been proven to save up to 30% in energy costs and to reduce CO2 and particle emissions by up to 40%. In fact, batteries and the exaust filtering system reduces emissions to a level even lower than the stage V guidelines which will come into effect in 2019. Passengers and millions of local residents will therefore benefit from a quieter, cleaner crossing.

Developed by EST-Floattech, the innovative batteries require minimal maintenance, enable the engine to be used more efficiently, and thereby reduce operating costs. Their successful use shows that hybrid power is now a daily reality, with advantages that can be harnessed by other ferry operators worldwide.

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