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Hybrid Feeding Barge for BlueDay Technology

Fish farm

Greening and Sustainable Fish Farming

BlueDay Technology has asked EST-Floattech to supply and install Battery Energy Storage for Grieg Seafood ASA’s hybrid feeding barge  

“Up until now, the industry has been focusing on electric vessels, but Blueday and Grieg Seafood will now be greening fish farming assets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well”

Hans Petter Heggebø, CEO of Blueday Technology.

The location of aquaculture operations in remote areas may make the use of renewable energy a more practical option, as the appropriate management of our energy resources is a fundamental issue we all face today.

Benefits of a hybrid feeding barge

Feeding barges have peaks and troughs when it comes to energy consumption. Outside of the fish feeding times, the barges only need energy to power the lighting and other minor consumption. However, they need extra power during the feeding periods.

In conventional barges, generators are installed based on the maximum power load, and they need to be operated 24 hours per day. During the off-peak hours, the generators run at a low and inefficient load, which is bad for fuel consumption, emissions, and maintenance.

“The solution is to install batteries and to use them as the main energy supply on the feeding barge. This limits the use of the generator, as the batteries supply the electricity needed for most of the day. The generators are only used to provide peak power and to charge the batteries. This significantly reduces fuel consumption, because it can be shut off for most of the day”, according to EST-Floattech.

In summary, the benefits of using a hybrid energy installation include:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer service life
  • Total silence at night
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption

About BlueDay Technology

BlueDay Technology assumes responsibility for the complete design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of its projects. Blueday Technology has the knowledge and experience to assist its clients in efficient energy use and minimising an asset’s impact on the environment.

“This project will reinforce Blueday Technology’s position in this segment and will open up more market opportunities, thus consolidating our capabilities as a system integration provider. We are grateful that Grieg Seafood has expressed its confidence in us”, says EST-Floattech.

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