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ESS play significant role in the energy transition towards of Hydrogen


EST-Floattech partner in revolutionary hybrid tug using hydrogen as a fuel source

With the push for decarbonization, there is great demand for more sustainable techniques in shipping such as hybrid systems with hydrogen as an industrial energy source.

New Opportunities

We continuously explore opportunities in the energy sector that aim to look for realistic alternatives of fuel,”

Walter van der Pennen, Commercial director at EST-Floattech

One of the latest projects is the Elektra, which explores the opportunities of a revolutionary hybrid tug using hydrogen as a fuel source. Due to its very specific properties, concerns have been raised in the marine field about the feasibility of hydrogen as an energy source. However, combined with our established marine battery technology, EST-Floattech has the ability to enhance energy density in zero-emission marine operations, while also improving vessel durability.

The energy market is still in a transition phase and the dynamic interaction between the batteries and hydrogen fuel cells will be further explored  and optimized during the project.

Elektra is clearly not a one man show.

The German consortium includes eigth partners;

  1. Behala, Berlin harbor’s warehousing and logistics firm;
  2. Herrmann Barthel shipyard;
  3. Ballard Power Systems, a supplier of fuel cells;
  4. Anleg, a supplier of hydrogen tanks;
  5. Ship electronics expert Rostock;
  6. Imperial logistics, a shipping company;
  7. TU Berlin.
  8. EST-Floattech

Only together we create impact and a clean shipping industry.

We see an increasing demand to cooperate and find alternative solutions, continues Walter van der Pennen,‘not only consumers, who prefer to make an environmentally friendly ferry crossing, but also from shippers, shipbuilders and shipowners want to take their responsibility and remain competitive.

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