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Battery Powered Ferry “IJveer 60” nominated for the ship of the year award

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The jury of the Maritime Award: “Ship of the Year 2017” has nominated the battery powered IJveer 60 Hybrid Ferry for the Dutch most prestigious maritime innovation award. The award will be hand over this year for the 20th time during the Maritime Awards Gala upcoming 6 November.

About the IJveer Ferry

The ‘IJveer 60’ built by Holland Shipyards is powered with EST-Floattech Lithium Ion Polymer technology (136kWh). The ferry is larger and cleaner than the old diesel engine installed ferries. The ‘IJveer 60’ can transport more passengers each time across the increasingly busy IJ waterway.

Hybrid advantages

Switching to hybrid power has been proven to save up to 30% in energy costs and to reduce CO2 and particle emissions by up to 40%. The innovative batteries require minimal maintenance, enable the engine to be used more efficiently, and thereby reduce operating costs. Their successful use shows that hybrid power is now a daily reality, with advantages that can be harnessed by other ferry operators worldwide.

Award Nomination

Ships that are eligible for the Maritime Award: “KNVTS Ship of the Year 2017”. Should be built and developed in the Netherlands (in particular the innovative aspects). The jury assesses the ships submitted to the criteria “Design”, “Economical”, “Sustainability”, “Safety” and “Building Process”

In addition to the hybrid ferry IJveer 60, the following ships are nominated: the frigate “KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata” partly built by Damen Schelde Naval and Multi Mission Unmanned Surface Vessel ‘Seagull-301’ built by the Haas Maasluis BV.

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