Sales success for the Hamburg Office of EST-Floattech
Battery System for Hagland’s new hybrid self-discharging coaster enables zero-emission port calls
Gothenburg, Sweden, takes delivery of fourth electric ferry powered by an EST-Floattech battery system
BEHALA – Delivery and naming ceremony first emission-free pusher tug ELEKTRA
Flotte Hamburg very happy with new FFV’s
“ELEKTRA” Arrival
EST-Floattech appoints Commercial Director
EST-Floattech awarded with repeat order for SFK ferries
First plug-in-hybrid fire fighting vessels for the Hamburg Port Authority
EST-Floattech delivers to MS “SALZKAMMERGUT”
EST-Floattech delivers to MS “SALZKAMMERGUT”
Proud to see the fully electric ferry “Düsternbrook” operating in Kiel
Successful launch of world’s first hydrogen-fueled canal tug “ELEKTRA”
Video: the use of Fuel Cells in Maritime Applications
EST-Floattech awarded a contract for ferry “Düsternbrook”
EST-Floattech’s ESS onboard of ferry “Düsternbrook”
EST-Floattech delivers batteries to 6 Viking Cruise longships
“ELEKTRA”: world’s first emission free hydrogen push boat
First plug-in hybrid ferry “Gaarden” goes electric
EST-Floattech awarded for plug-in hybrid ferry of Schlepp- und Fährschifffahrt Kiel
ESS play significant role in the energy transition towards of Hydrogen
German consortia develops world’s first emission free barge
Heatwave beaten by successful FAT in NL
EST-Floattech delivers to world’s first fully solar powered car ferry
Batteries of EST-Floattech on Hybrid Passenger Vessel in Potsdam

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