Final place for the Z-Line Excavator for the prestigious Industry Environmental Prize

EST-Floattech - Z-Line Full Electric Excavator

Final place for the Z-Line Excavator for the prestigious Industry Environmental Prize

The Z-Line Full Battery Electric Excavator is one of the final three nominees for the prestigious Norwegian Industry Environmental Prize 2018.

Industry Environmental Price 2018

The 2018 edition of the Industry Environmental Prize was the fifth time the prestigious prize was awarded in Norway. The contest is a collaboration between NHO, NTNU and ZERO. This year, there were 20 nominations, and Pon Equipment’s fully battery-powered ‘Z-Line’ Excavator was one of the last three finalists.

Although Pon Equipment did not win the award in the end, we are extremely proud of the appreciation expressed by the jury and the position among the finalists. We are also very pleased with the winner, the autonomous container ship Yara Birkeland, which is expected to begin operations in 2019. This project shows how far the developments in the field have progressed, and the scale at which battery power and energy storage can be a realistic option.

The importance of zero-emission construction machinery

Construction machinery accounts for 30% of the emissions in the city of Oslo. Many other large cities subject to strict emissions requirements are also starting to recognise the need for zero-emissions machines for construction sites. That situation inspired Pon Equipment to develop a zero-emissions solution which is ready for the future.

The Zero Line Excavator looks like a regular Cat 323F, a 25-tonne all-round machine used for the efficient loading of trucks, digging and planing building sites. But details such as the green stickers and the lack of an air filter and muffler reveal it’s a completely different machine on the inside. The engine, equipment, and counterweight have all been removed and replaced with an electric motor, motor controllers and heavy-duty batteries provided by EST-Floattech.

The machine is equipped with a charger for 400V connections, the most common power connections on site, and the full battery pack provides up to seven hours of operating time without charging. A standard hourly charge will give the vehicle an hour of operating time, but a one-hour charge from the fast charging container provides a full battery operation time.

Diesel to Electrification Conversion Kit

Pon Equipment is currently developing a conversion kit that will make it possible to rebuild diesel-powered Cat machines for battery operation. Because there is no doubt that the Zero Line Conversion is ideal for use in urban areas, where a stronger environmental profile and a cleaner environment are high priorities. With the Z-line conversion kit, it will be possible to make similar battery-powered wheel loaders, telecom operators, etc.

About EST-Floattech

EST-Floattech is a developer and supplier of high-quality battery and energy storage systems, with offices in Norway and the Netherlands and strong representation in Germany. It serves the market with extremely safe and highly certified low weight/low volume energy storage systems based on Lithium NMC technology.

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