Press release: EST-Floattech signs dealer distribution agreement with XING Mobility

Press release: EST-Floattech signs dealer distribution agreement with XING Mobility

EST-Floattech have signed a dealer distribution agreement with Taiwan’s XING Mobility™ to cooperate on providing electric vehicle (EV) battery and advanced powertrain solutions.

The partnership combines XING Mobility’s experience in EV battery technology with EST-Floattech’s highly regarded reputation in energy storage (ESS) and system integration with equipment manufacture industries.

Under the long-term strategic cooperation agreement, XING Mobility will supply battery packs for EST-Floattech to promote, distribute and service to its large list of partners and customers. On announcing the partnership following the signing of the contract in Taiwan, XING Mobility’s CEO Royce Hong said that; “We believe Europe to be the most advanced and sophisticated market for the electrification of land-based industrial equipment due to increasingly demanding emissions regulations in the region amongst other drivers. We are confident that our battery innovations, combined with EST Floattech’s experience and impressive credentials, will help to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicle technology in the construction, mining and material handling equipment industries”.

Flexible solution

As provider of EV battery systems and technology, XING Mobility have spent over three years developing their Immersio™ Modular Battery System, a stackable energy solution that can be configured into a huge variety of size, shape and power needs. In industrial and construction industries, applications can range from excavation and material handling to mining usages. Due to the fact that manufacturers produce in relatively low-to-medium sized volumes but with a high-mix of vehicle types, the level of configurability for each battery pack and drivetrain becomes particularly critical. The collaborating companies believe that the rapid deployment and fast prototyping capabilities of XING Mobility’s modular technology will be instrumental in enabling the partnership to deliver electrified fleets to these industrial equipment manufacturers as quickly as the market demands.

Crucially, XING Mobility’s battery product utilizes immersion cooling thermal management to submerge battery cells directly in non-conductive cooling fluid. Immersion cooling in electric vehicles is now widely considered to be the most effective method of cooling due to the 100% cell-to-coolant contact and cell temperature uniformity which allows the battery cell to reach its optimum performance levels. In addition, the cooling fluid contains fire-suppressing properties, which makes the technology extremely safe for equipment users. When coupled with the durability and extremely low maintenance requirements of the battery pack, these performance, safety and configurability features have the potential to meet the demanding conditions of these industries.

EST-Floattech CEO Trond Skaufel said;

The alliance with XING Mobility’s impressive and solid solution culture will move EST’s heavy-duty construction customers to the next level within performance and safety. The modular, immersion cooling and fire suppression product of XING Mobility will definitively accelerate our position as a solution provider and service support in Europe”.

About XING Mobility

XING Mobility is a provider of automotive-grade electric vehicle battery and powertrain systems for specialty applications. Using extensive experience and know-how derived from designing and making electric supercars and racecars, XING Mobility delivers a range of drivetrain technology products and engineering services designed to empower any and every vehicle maker to go electric.

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About EST-Floattech

EST-Floattech, subsidiary of the sustainable investment firms Ponooc, owned by Pon Holding BV, Rotterdam Port Fund and PDENH, is a supplier and developer of high-quality battery and energy storage systems.

From its offices in the Netherlands, Norway and with strong representation in Germany, EST-Floattech serves the marine and heavy-duty construction machine market with extremely safe and strictly certified energy storage systems based on Lithium NMC technology.

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