Energy upgrade from 546kWh to 955,5kWh for Superyacht WIDER 165

Energy upgrade from 546kWh to 955,5kWh for Superyacht WIDER 165

One of our very first projects in 2015 was the spectacular superyacht project WIDER 165. EST-Floattech powered the WIDER 165, which was a follow up of WIDER 150, with a battery system comprising four strings of thirteen 10,5kWh Lithium Polymer batteries, with a total capacity of 546kWh.

With the ambition to increase the sailing hours in electric mode and lower the consumption of diesel, EST-Floattech was asked to upgrade the battery pack with 3 strings to 955,5kWh. This will largely contribute to the overall performance of the yacht and support sustainable ambitions simultaneously.

Koen Boerdijk, Account Manager at EST-Floattech says:

Thanks by state of the art active balancing and the modular- and stackable design there is always a solution to extend an existing battery system of EST-Floattech.

On batteries alone, the Wider 165 has no emissions. Switching on the gensets, increases speed to varying speed knots while still keeping fuel consumption lower than traditional diesel engine.
Previously, Wider 165 could cruise for 4 hours and thanks to this upgrade, this will almost be doubled.

Stefano Maria Talamonti, COO of WIDER Yachts:

While the Wider system is so flexible to allow any upgrade ready, as is, to be aligned at the last existing energy storage technology when available or simply increase energy storage capability.

The superyacht can cruise using only the battery packs, in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode), or with up to four inline diesel generators. This means it can cruise at a higher range of speeds while continuing to enjoy limited specific consumption. Anchor at night can be done running on batteries, enjoying the sound of silence and ensuring power to all the utilities on board for prolonged period.

We thank WIDER Yachts for choosing EST-Floattech as their battery supplier again!

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