UN 38.3 certification for the Blue Elephant & Green Orca

We are proud to announce that as of today, our Land-Based Blue Elephant and Maritime Green Orca Lithium Energy storage solutions are officially UN38.3-certified. The UN38.3 norm is extremely important for the safe transport of batteries. According to the regulations, almost all batteries must comply with this norm in order to guarantee their safety during transport. The UN38.3 certification involves an exhaustive test program consisting of a variety of elements.

Tests and the UN38.3 standards

Lithium batteries and products are subject to an ever-increasing list of requirements pertaining to use and transport. We at EST-Floattech wholeheartedly support the application of demanding standards such as the UN38.3 norms, because our products must be able to be used and transported safely at all times. Safety is the most important factor, especially when dealing with large quantities of energy.

For example, in accordance with the UN38.3 standards, batteries must be exposed to extreme simulated conditions. The tests differentiate between the battery’s electronic safety by means of the Battery Control Unit and Battery Management System, and its mechanical safety by testing whether it can withstand vibration, impacts, and variation in air pressure, so that it can continue to function under the most challenging conditions. Extra tests are also conducted to ensure that the battery remains safe even in the event of a short-circuit.

Safety during use and transportation

UN38.3 certification guarantees the quality of our battery modules and their safety in transport (as a separate product or as a component in mobile storage containers or a hybrid solution). Compliance with these and other regulations allows us to guarantee the safety and mobility of our products, without making concessions to the high energy density and low volume of our battery modules.

”Without the UN 38.3 certification, transportation of a plug & play mobile storage container was difficult, because the container had to be transported separately from the battery modules and/or cells, which had to be installed on location. That cost the client a lot of time and money. With the UN38.3 certificate, we can integrate the batteries under optimal conditions at the EST-Floattech facility, and then transport them directly to where they are needed

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