Successful sea trial of hybrid crane vessel “Stormvogel”

One of our latest projects, a hybrid crane vessel named ‘Stormvogel’ went for a succesfull sea trial. Stormvogel is owned by the Dutch family owned company ” Oeverwerken” with the mission to become more green. Compared to a ship with conventional technology, the design of Stormvogel can save 30 percent in fuel.
This is partly thanks to the underwater hull that has been completely redesigned and optimized with the help of computer simulations. As a result, the hull has 30 percent less resistance under water and thus 30 percent fuel savings. This is just one of the many techniques on board to reduce CO2 and emissions.

The entire propulsion is diesel-electric. The crane is also fully electric and will be equipped with a flywheel. This means that when the grab drops, the excess energy is stored and can be used later. This also saves an additional 30 percent in fuel.

Thanks to Oeverwerken B.V., Technisch Installatiebureau Oechies bv, Afresh and PLM CRANES for ordering the Energy Storage Solutions at EST-Floattech | Energy Storage Solutions.



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