During a modernization, the “MS Salzkammergut” became another hybrid passenger ship in the fleet of Salzburg AG.

EST-Floattech delivers to MS “SALZKAMMERGUT”



Year of realization


Battery Solution

Green Orca 1050



System integrator

Schottel GmbH

EST-Floattech delivers to MS “SALZKAMMERGUT”

The diesel drive enables the cruising speed of 18km/h and takes over the main control of the ship. The new Schottel Pumpjet, powered only by the EST-Floattech battery system and charged by the ship’s generator (diesel driven), enables a speed of ~11km/h for about 45 minutes purely electrically and serves to improve the maneuverability of the ship. In case of diesel engine failure, it can also be used to maneuver the vessel to the next mooring.

The ship started regular service in May 2021.


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