Economical choice for applications where space is no issue.

Maritime class certification
Easy to integrate
Scalable to the energy needs

Coming Soon: High Energy LFP solution

By combining industry-leading cell technology with our own mechanical design and unique battery module platform “The Octopus”, we created the High Energy LFP Module. The module is based on our first generation: safe by design due to multiple safety layers in mechanical design and software, meeting strict DNV class requirements.

Product features

  • High energy
  • Passive cell-to-cell thermal runaway protection
  • Scalable up to multiple MWh
  • Voltage up to 1000 VDC (nominal)
  • Optional forced air or liquid -cooling
  • Unique and flexible rack design
  • Gas exhaust system
  • IACS Class compliant (DNV, LR, BV, RINA, ABS)
  • DNV, BV and Lloyds Type Approved
  • 10+ years lifetime*

High Energy LFP Applications

Multiple hours charge- & discharge cycles
> Full electric propulsion
> Hybrid propulsion
> Peak Shaving
> Hotel loads
> Back-up power
> Spinning reserve

Technical data
Performance Specifications
Power10.24 kWh​
Voltage51 V​
Capacity​200 Ah​
Charging ​0.5 C continuous​
Charging1.0 C max
Discharging0.5 C continuous​
Discharging1.0 C max
Type Approval (Pending) DNV

A unique Battery Management System “The Octopus”

  • Based on 10+ years knowledge
  • Standardized interface
  • Proven and robust battery management system
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • Redundant software and hardware safety
  • 24/7 balancing
  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics and service
  • String controller including contactor and fuses
  • Pre-charge
Product shown is under development, therefore the content of this datasheet is preliminary and subject to change.
Details provided are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. (*) Lifetime expectancy depends on use. Lifetime given is an average.
Lifetime expectancy for specific applications to be estimated by EST-Floattech based on load profile.

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