Green Orca 1050

Our Green Orca modules are used for a variety of functions, such as hotel load, peak shaving or providing power to diesel-electric engines. Whether you need your superyacht swimming pool heated or your Azimuth thrusters to be 100% stable when you go on DP2, the Green Orca@ 1050 does the job.

DNV Certified
Proven Technology >10 yrs
Modular design
Technical data
Performance Specifications
Capacity10,5 kWh
Max Charge200 A/1C
Max Discharge300 A/1.5C
CoolingAir Cooled
Type Approval DNV
Type Approval NMA Level 1 Propagation Approval
W x H x D335 x 541 x 542
Weight82 kg.

Safe design

By combining Kokam’s leading cell technology with our in-house mechanical designs and Battery Management System (BMS), we created the Green Orca High Energy Module. The module is safe by design, due to multiple safety layers in mechanical design and software, and meets strict class requirements.

Mechanical design

Our mechanical design and patented spring load construction keep the cells in position under the most demanding circumstances. Due to the cell arrangement, we achieve a permanent ultra-low impedance power path inside the battery module. The base of the module contains a thermal conductive material allowing for mechanical robustness and extra heat dissipation. The aluminium enclosure prevents ingress of water and dust; it’s waterproof.

Download here our technical brochure (English).

Download here our technical brochure (German).

Our battery solution explained


Safe by design

We include the highest safety standards in every step of the design. Safety is literally built-in. Key features are:

  • IP67 waterproof housing
  • Individual cell monitoring
  • Active balancing
  • Gas exhaust system
  • Pre-charge circuit for start-up
  • Black out start


Intrinsic safety leading to top level certification:

  • DNV-GL Type approved (complete system)
  • NMA Level 1 propagation approval

Battery Management System (BMS)

The key features of the BMS are:

  • Continuous, active cell balancing to ensure maximum system up-time
  • High resolution redundant individual cell voltage and temperature measurements
  • Synchronised wide range current measurement
  • Redundant hardware and software safety layers

Battery Control Unit

Each string of battery modules has a battery control unit (BCU) which:

  • Collects all BMS data
  • Calculates accurate and real-time State of Charge (SoC)
  • Controls State of Health (SoH) & other ESS information for optimal system integration

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