New Colleagues

18 Sep Introduction of new colleagues

Over the past few months, we have gained four new colleagues at EST-Floattech, including Project Manager Vanessa Baas and electrical engineer Joeri Westmeijer. Joeri Westmeijer: EST-Floattech’s ambition is to lead the way in the field of energy storage. That involves factors such as capacity (energy/power density) and...

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21 Jun Video – Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions

We are very proud of our technical developments and track record of already more than 30 up and running maritime projects. Interested in our playing field, what kind of Energy Storage solutions we offer and how we can serve you in the journey to a...

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18 May Present at The NorShipping in Oslo

We are presented at at the NorShipping in Oslo from 30 May till June . Interested in our product, new developments and your possibilities for hybrid or full electric sailing? We also want to talk you by about our new Scandinavian Office in Oslo. Trond Skaufel and his team is looking forward to...

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EST-Floattech Nordic

20 Mar Opening new Nordic office in Oslo, Norway

Next step in serving the Norwegian market which is leading the energy revolution in the maritime industry. The Oslo office will be a full branch of EST-Floattech BV, a Netherlands based company and one of the market leaders in advanced Lithium NMC storage systems. EST-Floattech opens...

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17 Feb Green Dolphin®: introduction of bulletproof nanotechnolgy

EST-Floattech to introduce bulletproof nanotechnology EST-Floattech is introducing the ultimate safety for electric and hybrid power propulsion; nano-batteries   In it’s ambition to develop the most stable intelligent energy storage solutions, EST-Floattech has come up with a genuine ‘bulletproof’ solution; A battery based on nano cell technology....

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07 Feb EST-Floattech launches Hybrid Power Module®:

Great hybrid solution for retrofitting From diesel-electric to hybrid with a ‘plug & play’ battery solution. Due to the increasing demand for cleaner shipping, more and more vessels are being fitted with a diesel-electric drive during a refit. As a specialist in the field of electric and...

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