Succesful launch of first MPV 30 Merwestroom for Rijkswaterstaat

Bijlsma Wartena-MPV-30 Merwestroom

Succesful launch of first MPV 30 Merwestroom for Rijkswaterstaat

A year ago, the Bijlsma Wartena shipyard received a commission from Rijkswaterstaat to build three sustainable multi-purpose vessels. On 16 March 2018, the company celebrated the successful launch of the first MPV 30, the MERWESTROOM.


In their speeches, Rijkswaterstaat Fleet Replacement Programme Portfolio Manager Suzan Vos, Rijksrederij Director Bianca Janssen, and Bijlsma Wartena’s General Director Tjeerd Wiebe Bijlsma’s all emphasised the importance of sustainable propulsion. After the official ceremony, the Merwestroom slid off of the slip to enthusiastic applause.

Sustainable, efficient and innovative

The Merwestroom’s construction incorporated the latest development in ship design. The hydrodynamic form of the hull, which was conceived and constructed by Bijlsma Wartena, generates little resistance as it moves through the water. The MPV 30 is equipped with batteries that provide power for day-to-day activities. When the ship sets course for open water in the morning, the batteries carry a full charge of green electricity supplied from the shore.

During the day, on-board solar panels provide additional power. This comprehensive concept ensures the most efficient utilisation of generator power, with the lowest possible number of operating hours and minimal emissions. Moreover, the residual heat from the engines is used to supply the ship’s heating installation. The MPV 30 has an exceptionally low rate of energy consumption, so Rijkswaterstaat has added a highly sustainable ship to its fleet.

Multi Purpose Vessel 30

Rijkswaterstaat will operate the MPV 30 built by Bijlsma Wartena on the Netherlands’ major inland waterways, the Wadden Sea, and up to 30 miles off the Netherlands’ North Sea coast. Its tasks include marking shipping lanes, patrolling the waterways, conducting measurements and monitoring the nation’s fisheries. It’s 360-degree rotatable thrusters enable the MPV 30 to move in any direction.

Lithium Energy Storage by EST-Floattech

At an early stage in the multi-functional vessel’s design, Bijlsma Wartena asked EST-Floattech to brainstorm about how to make the Merwestroom and the concept behind it as sustainable as possible.


The result is a future-proof hybrid system using lithium batteries provided by EST-Floattech, which provide a combined power of almost 900 kWh of energy. The battery system has been developed in accordance with the latest, most stringent safety requirements imposed by the classification societies, which means it is extremely safe and reliable.


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