State of the art and safe

Innovative, high-tech energy system

It goes without saying that you want all technology on board to be state of the art. The lithium polymer batteries from EST Floattech are innovative, high-tech energy systems. They are applied in aviation and aerospace for good reason! Each battery system is fitted with intelligent technology and safety features.


Mission critical technology

Thanks to its performance, stability and reliability, the cell technology used is also used in the aviation and aerospace industries (NASA), in submarines and in fighter jets. The continuity of the energy provision is safeguarded; in mission critical processes, the batteries deliver safe and quiet energy for all systems whatever the circumstance.


DNV-GL Type Approval certification and Norwegian Marine Authority approval

Crews and passengers want a comfortable and safe crossing, and the constant intelligent monitoring of the status, energy level and temperature of the batteries ensures just that. Our batteries have been Lloyds and DNV-GL certified and tested respectively. Not only the batteries have been certified and tested, but also is the system as a whole, including the battery control unit (BCU).

Sturdy and waterproof

The spring loaded system of internal connections, rather than screws and bolts, is maintenance-free and vibration-proof, and the batteries’ robust housing is waterproof, in accordance with IP65.


Proactive safety

Lithium polymer is known for its excellent heat control and relatively high energy storage capacity per cell. This makes it possible to safely monitor and manage larger systems. If, under very exceptional circumstances, an individual cell were to unexpectedly exceed the permissible values, the Battery Management System (BMS) will interfere to proactively shut down the relevant string, shutting down the battery before it starts functioning beyond its critical values. During the shutdown, the other battery strings of course remain available to generate engine power.


Remote monitoring

It is also possible to connect the battery system to our remote active monitoring service. We will monitor the performance of your system, and will contact you in the unlikely event of a critical error. In addition, we can advise you on your energy consumption and will take preventative action in that respect if the data gives us reason to do so.


  • Lloyd’s certified.
  • DNV/GL tested (IEC 62619), certification in process.
  • Pro-active control of status, energy level and temperature at individual cell level.
  • Remote active monitoring service.
  • Waterproof housing (IP65).
  • Practically unaffected by vibrations.
  • No engine noise, offensive odours or particulate matter.
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