Energy & cost efficient

Long life and fuel saving

Every voyage has its peaks in power, such as berthing and unberthing. The correct configuration of our Green Orca Lithium polymer batteries makes peak shaving possible, whereby peak demand is provided by the batteries rather than the existing engines or generators. This means you save on fuel and maintenance. Furthermore, a more efficient and consistent use of engines means they last longer.


Low weight, small volume

Our battery systems achieve the optimum balance between weight and volume. The special cells can store up to 240Ah per cell. The result is savings on weight and space and great improvements in the performance and speed of the vessels. With regard to the traditional lead-acid battery systems, the gains in weight and space can reach up to 75%. It’s not for nothing that our cells are used in fighter jets and even in the Solar Impulse, the first aeroplane in the world to be fully powered by solar energy.


Charged quickly, everywhere

Charging the batteries is possible any time, any place; at sea, when the engines are running at their most efficient, or while your yacht is on the quay, using a cable or even induction, with no connection necessary. Charging is quick: up to 1 megawatt (MW) in six minutes.


Long life

The intelligent batteries function in all conditions and have an extremely long life of up to 20 years, depending on the number of cycles and the C-rate. The built-in active Battery Management System constantly measures the values and performance of each cell: all individual cells are actively kept at the same voltage level. The result is an increase in the life of the cells, and in turn the batteries. As part of this, active balancing gives real-time insight into the performance of individual cells and the entire battery system.


  • Peak shaving: high engine power achieved with smaller engines.
  • Small in volume, low in weight.
  • Less energy consumption and lower fuel costs.
  • Savings on maintenance costs.
  • Fast and efficient charging.
  • Optimum energy distribution at all times thanks to active balancing.
  • Long battery life.
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