Ultimate relaxation

All yachts are built for comfort. They offer all manner of comfort on board and access to the most beautiful spots and harbours in the world. The difference when powering the powertrain and electrical systems with our Green Orca lithium polymer batteries can be felt by everyone on board. No noise, no odour, no vibrations and no thin layer of waste matter from exhaust fumes on the water around you. That means ultimate relaxation while enjoying natureĀ and each other.


Clean and silent

The lithium polymer batteries are not only comfortable for your guests and crew, but for your surroundings too. After all, no soot (NOx) or CO2 emissions are produced when entering and leaving the marina, for example. The water around your ship is clean to swim in and at night, neither those on board nor the surroundings are disturbed by the noise of a generator.

The batteries are maintenance-free and almost entirely recyclable at the end of their life cycle.


Complete freedom and space

Our intelligent batteries open up great opportunities to yacht-builders and interior architects as they are lighter and occupy less space than standard battery systems. That way, you don’t have to make any concessions when it comes to speed, and space and comfort in the interior. All electrical systems on board and the powertrains can be fully connected to our energy system:


  • Maximum comfort for owners, guests and crews: silent and odourless.
  • No impact on people or the planet: no NOx or CO2 emissions.
  • No soot emissions in the harbour or noise at night.
  • Clean water around your vessel, no thin floating layer of waste created by exhaust.
  • Low weight and small volume, so little impact on space and performance.
  • Energy to power powertrains and electric systems on board.
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