Enjoy the sound of silence

Peace and quiet, and with every comfort. That’s what yachts were made for.

Worldwide, EST Floattech helps yacht owners and builders with clean, silent, powerful energy systems based on Green Orca lithium polymer batteries. The environmental gains are great: NOx and CO2 emissions reduced to little to nothing, and no offensive odours or noise pollution – perfect for entering and leaving marinas, or for anchoring on one of the beautiful unspoilt corners of our planet.

Intelligent solutions

Everyone is responsible for caring for the natural world and the environment. Fortunately, fully electrical and hybrid yachts with diesel-electric propulsion are quickly gaining in popularity. Our clean Green Orca lithium polymer batteries are implemented in luxury yachts and are a reliable, safe and quiet energy source. Their small volume and low weight means you do not lose any space or speed. The batteries are automatically charged during the day, using the residual energy from your (smaller) diesel engine, or simply from a source on shore. You can leave the marina at night entirely electrically, and lie under the stars in complete silence. Simply enjoy the sound of silence.


All yachts are built for comfort. They offer all manner of comfort on board and access to the most beautiful spots and harbours in the world. The difference when powering the powertrain and electrical systems with our Green Orca lithium polymer batteries can be felt by everyone on board. No noise, no odour, no vibrations and no thin layer of waste matter from exhaust fumes on the water around you. That means ultimate relaxation while enjoying nature and each other.

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State of the art and safe

It goes without saying that you want all technology on board to be state of the art. The lithium polymer batteries from EST Floattech are innovative, high-tech energy systems. They are applied in aviation and aerospace for good reason! Each battery system is fitted with intelligent technology and safety features.

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Reducing NOx and CO2

Around the world, more ports are striving to improve the quality of air and water, and to drive down negative climatic influences. Sailing with electrical or hybrid energy from our intelligent and powerful Green Orca lithium polymer battery systems is a clean, economical and future-proof alternative.

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Energy & cost efficient

Every voyage has its peaks in power, such as berthing and unberthing. The correct configuration of our Green Orca Lithium polymer batteries makes peak shaving possible, whereby peak demand is provided by the batteries rather than the existing engines or generators. This means you save on fuel and maintenance. Furthermore, a more efficient and consistent use of engines means they last longer.

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