Comfort & Safety

Safe, silent and odourless

When using batteries, there is no noise, offensive odours and soot emissions. This makes the work more pleasant and the working conditions improve. People and nature are also less inconvenienced by ships in ports or along shipping ways. Our batteries are 100% safe, and Lloyds and DNV-GL type approval certified and tested respectively.


Safe and sturdy

Our batteries have been Lloyds and DNV-GL type approval certified and tested respectively. We are the first company in the maritime sector to be fully DNV-GL tested in accordance with the new draft standardisation. Not only the batteries have been tested, but also is the system as a whole, including the battery control unit (BCU). The spring-loaded system of internal connections, rather than screws and bolts, is maintenance-free and vibration-proof, and the batteries’ robust housing is waterproof, in accordance with IP65.


Proactive control

You are ensured proactive control at individual cell level on status, energy level and temperature management. If, under very exceptional circumstances, an individual cell were to unexpectedly exceed the permissible values, the Battery Management System will interfere to pro-actively shut down the relevant string, shutting down the battery before it starts functioning beyond its critical values. During the shutdown, the other battery strings of course remain available to generate engine power.


Remote monitoring

It is also possible to connect the battery system to our remote active monitoring service. We will then monitor the performance of your system, and will contact you in the unlikely event of a critical error. In addition, we can advise you on your energy consumption and will take preventative action in that respect if the data we receive gives us reason to do so. That saves you time and money.



  • Lloyd’s certified.
  • DNV-GL type approval certified and tested (e.g. IEC 62619).
  • Pro-active control of status, energy level and temperature at individual cell level.
  • Remote active monitoring service.
  • Waterproof housing (IP65).
  • Practically unaffected by vibrations, for example.
  • No engine noise, offensive odours or particulate matter.
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