Reducing NOx and CO2

Clean and economic system

Around the world, ports are striving to improve the quality of air and water, and to drive down negative climatic influences. Sailing with electrical or hybrid energy from our intelligent and powerful Green Orca lithium polymer battery systems is a clean and economic alternative.


Stricter legislation and regulation

The urgency of clean sailing is on the rise and the international MARPOL Convention of the IMO is already prescribing tighter standards. The number of Emission Control Areas is also increasing, and at a local level there is ever more regulation concerning carbon footprints.


Future proof

Running vessels on hybrid energy systems results in a large to very large reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions, depending on the chosen solution. Furthermore, you will be prepared for the stricter regulations that are becoming commonplace in increasingly more regions both now and in the future, and you may also become eligible for certain subsidy programmes.

Clean and economic

Energy generated by our intelligent and powerful lithium polymer battery systems is a clean and economic alternative. Charging is straightforward and quick using sustainable and clean solar, wind, tide and geothermal energy. Once the engines are running at their most economical, the batteries can also be charged conventionally by the engines.



  • Reduced NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Charging using all natural energy sources
  • Ready for stricter regulations now and in the future
  • Higher residual value.
  • Possibly eligible for subsidy programmes, depending on country and region.
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