Great engine power

Smaller engines, same power

The size of traditional vessel engines is largely determined by incidental power peaks, but the clean energy of our batteries is an excellent way to approach these peaks. As a result, the same power can be achieved with smaller engines. Furthermore, the batteries generate power without noise, soot (NOx) emissions or smoke.


Low weight, small volume

Our battery systems achieve the optimum balance between weight and volume. The special cells can store up to 240Ah per cell. The result is savings on weight and space and great improvements in the performance and speed of the vessels. With regard to the traditional lead-acid battery systems, the gains in weight and space can reach up to 75%.

Active balancing

Charging the batteries 100% is not necessary. The intelligent system of active balancing ensures the cells in batteries always supplement each other. This system makes redundant the familiar discharging and charging cycle characteristic of many battery systems.



  • Batteries provide for peak demand instead of engines (peak shaving).
  • Optimum energy distribution at all times thanks to active balancing.
  • Regular discharge and charging cycle made redundant (active balancing).
  • High power, small volume, low weight.
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