Commercial vessels

Full power for healthy growth

Many goods and raw materials are transported on the world’s oceans and inland waterways. Other commercial vessels such as tugboats, ushers and patrol vessels come and go; often through urban areas, or close to nature reserves and recreational areas. The environmental requirements for ships are becoming increasingly strict. The challenge is to reduce these vessels’ negative impact on air quality, the climate and water quality, and to reduce their energy consumption.

Clean, silent and powerful energy

Worldwide, EST Floattech helps the maritime sector with clean, silent, powerful marine energy storage systems based on lithium polymer batteries. The environmental gains are great: NOx and CO2 emissions reduced to little to nothing, and offensive odours and noise pollution are also lessened for the crew, the environment, residents and the natural world.


Green Orca Marine Energy Storage

Our Green Orca Marine energy storage based on lithium polymer batteries are implemented in fully electric vessels, as well as hybrid combinations with a traditional diesel or LNG generator. This battery system offers a clean, safe (DNV-GL type approved) and powerful source of energy during times that generate the most pollution, such as when entering and leaving ports, when berthing and unberthing, while waiting, or when extra power is needed. Furthermore, it provides an economically sound alternative to the fuel strategy of vessels.

Reducing NOx and CO2

Around the world, ports are striving to improve the quality of air and water, and to drive down negative climatic influences. Sailing with electrical or hybrid energy from our intelligent and powerful Green Orca lithium polymer battery systems is a clean and economic alternative.

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Energy & cost efficient

Every journey has peaks and troughs when it comes to energy consumption. The correct configuration of our Green Orca Energy Storage with Lithium polymer batteries makes peak shaving possible, whereby peak demand is provided by the batteries rather than the existing engines or generators. This means you save on fuel and maintenance, and using the engines more efficiently and steadily means they last longer.

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Great engine power

The size of traditional vessel engines is largely determined by incidental power peaks, but the clean energy of our batteries is an excellent way to approach these peaks. As a result, the same power can be achieved with smaller engines. Furthermore, the batteries generate power without noise, soot (NOx) emissions or smoke.

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Comfort & safety

When using batteries, there is no noise, offensive odours and soot emissions. This makes the work more pleasant and the working conditions improve. People and nature are also less inconvenienced by ships in ports or along shipping ways. Our batteries are 100% safe, and Lloyds and DNV-GL certified and tested respectively.

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