Land based

Clean and reliable energy, any place any time

The transition from fossil fuel energy to clean and sustainable electricity is fully underway. Our mission is to contribute to a better world, since everybody has the right to have access to clean, reliable and powerful energy. As a technical company, we feel the responsibility to share our knowledge, products and expertise to support economic development using green energy tools to give our world and children a better future. With our Blue Elephant® Energy Storage System, we are supplying green energy in remote places where it is uncommon and where there is no (reliable) grid.

On the grid, our Energy Storage Systems are able to operate as a peak-shaving application and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system. This application helps communities and companies put buffers in place for swiftly and vigorously accommodating electricity peaks, impurities and power failures. This means business continuity is guaranteed around the clock. We prefer linking our Energy Storage Systems to renewable energy solutions based on solar, wind and water. That way, economic progress and sustainability coincide for a cleaner future.


The fuel-savings and environmental gains are considerable. NOx and CO2 emissions reduced to little or nothing, and unpleasant odours and noise pollution are also diminished for employees, the environment, residents and the natural world. This means anyone, anywhere in the world can benefit from clean, safe and powerful energy thanks to our Blue Elephant® Energy Storage Systems.


On the grid: clean stability and certainty

We are becoming increasingly dependent on electricity, putting pressure on the capacity of most grids. This applies to prosperous countries and emerging countries alike, with examples of this including the continuing rise of electric cars and the increasing demand from production locations and communities. The demand for power from server parks and data centres is also undergoing considerable growth. Moreover, the grids in emerging countries in Africa, Asia and South America are also characterised by their increasing need for capacity, but likewise their regular outages.

Existing electricity networks are being increasingly burdened, experiencing unprecedented high peaks. This is leading to instability and power failures are becoming ever more frequent. For companies, this means loss of production and higher costs, since generators are required to run for additional hours, for instance.


Clean and powerful Energy Storage Systems

This rising demand for electricity requires a different way of storing energy. Simply expanding and extending the existing grid is not always possible technically or economically, meaning energy storage for stabilisation and in emergencies is essential. Fortunately, also on the rise is the realisation that storage must be achieved in a sustainable manner. Our Energy Storage Systems are a commercially economical and sustainable solution for temporary peak loads (peak-shaving application) and emergency power provision (UPS application). The clean energy from our Blue Elephant lithium polymer batteries is safe, powerful and reliable. Linked to the grid, it provides operational security, which means there is no need to use environmentally friendly generators requiring considerable maintenance, and you save on the cost of fossil fuels.


Linking sustainable energy sources

The great thing about our battery solutions is that besides being linked to the grid, they are perfectly compatible with local systems for solar, wind, hydro and biogas energy. The sustainable energy is generated locally and stored in our batteries. That way, it jointly forms a perfect supplement to the grid’s fluctuations and outages, and any production environment that has to be operational around the clock can have a reliable, clean and cost-effective energy supply.

Off the grid: clean and safe energy everywhere

With our stand-alone Blue Elephant® systems, decentralised energy storage is possible all around the world, even under the most extreme circumstances in mountainous areas and deserts, where no grid is present. The battery systems do what they’re supposed to do under any conditions, i.e. provide safe and powerful energy. This means peace missions and refugee camps can receive local energy storage systems, for instance. During the day the sun, wind or biogas deliver energy, which is stored in our batteries. No chugging and polluting diesel generators, but clean, silent and odourless batteries providing the energy required. What’s more, there is no dependence on (the supply of) scarce and expensive fossil fuels. The Blue Elephant® systems can also make a difference for closed-off communities. The compact and mobile execution of our energy systems means they can be deployed flexibly, and are easy to transport by land, water or air.

Electricity contributes toward economic development, and improves living conditions. Children are able to go to school, and healthcare can be operational around the clock.

Leading technology

Safe and reliable battery power is about the complete battery power systems. Unique in the world, our entire battery system of cell, module, Battery Management System (BMS) up to and including the Battery Control Unit (BCU) has been DNV-GL tested and Certified with a Type Approval and according to the strict maritime DNV-GL standards.

Land based system integration

For us, a land-based energy system operating optimally goes way beyond simply providing proven battery technology. Our background in electrical engineering and system integration means we understand like no other the importance of properly and robustly integrating all present technical systems, the grid and other stand-alone energy systems.

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Clean and sustainable

  • No or reduced NOx and CO2 emissions.
  • No noise, unpleasant smell or vibrations.
  • Sustainable due to link to biogas, wind, solar or hydro energy.
  • No or, with hybrid applications, reduced use of fossil fuels.
  • Long lifetime and up to 98% recyclable.

Cost savings

  • Considerable savings on maintenance costs.
  • Fewer or no fossil fuel costs.
  • Reliable production process with higher uptime.
  • Compact and light-weight system installable anywhere.
  • Maximum efficiency existing generator with hybrid solution.
  • Ideal solution for UPS application and peak shaving.

Always maximum power

  • Less dependence on fossil fuels, or none at all.
  • Entirely independent energy generation and storage.
  • Available for companies, but also isolated communities.
  • Systems up to 10 MwH possible.
  • Discharge possible up to 30C (<10 sec & >50% capacity) and 20C (continual).

Safe and reliable

  • DNV GL tested battery system.
  • Pro-active monitoring of status, energy level and temperature of individual cells.
  • Full remote system monitoring is possible.
  • Fully redundant safety systems.

Economic growth and well-being
for everyone, everywhere

  • Energy any place any time, wherever in the world.
  • Energy available for everyone: schools, hospitals, refugee camps.
  • Safe and reliable energy supply.
  • Gives people prospect of a better future.
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