Introduction of new colleagues #2

New Colleagues of EST-Floattech

Introduction of new colleagues #2

Over the past few months, we have gained four new colleagues at EST-Floattech, including Account Manager Koen Boerdijk and Supply Chain Manager Rafal Ratajczyk.

Account Manager Marine: Koen Boerdijk

I grew up around water, from sailing flat-bottom boats to kite surfing. After I completed my Bachelor’s and maritime studies, I realised that I wanted to turn my hobbies and interests into a maritime career. I started at KVSA B.V. in IJmuiden as International Account Manager. We facilitated various information portals in Europe for brokers, port-, stevedoring- and shipping companies.

Being involved with the construction of my parents leisure boat aroused my curiosity in shipbuilding, so I switched my career to Würth. There, I visited shipyards and their subcontractors to offer customised supply and service concepts as retrieval-, vending systems, re-stocking and ordering systems. It was even my maiden call to EST-Floattech, were I immediately had an unforgettable feeling.

Not only the sustainability but also the luxury of an ESS helps to facilitate a connection with mother nature. No offensive odours and noise pollution while you’re on board, like kite surfing or sailing.

As International Maritime Account Manager, I will serve as the contact person for yachts, barges and fishery related projects! Looking forward to meet you!

Supply Chain Manager, Rafal Ratajczyk:

After spending +12 years in the Automotive branch, I wanted to find some new challenges, ideally in totally different sector.

EST-Floattech popped up on my horizon, and I immediately knew that this is it!!! EST-Floattech is a small but rapidly growing company in the Maritime sector, providing very modern products. The idea that this is the real dawn of a new industry also made a great impact on me. I simply wanted to be a part of it.

As a Supply Chain Manager, my main task is to bring all of our logistics processes to the next level. That means building a reliable and robust network with our suppliers, implementing a new ERP system, and reorganising our internal processes to increase EST-Floattech service level towards our customers. These are my main Supply Chain goals for the next year, and we will make it happen!

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