Full electric ferry Sankta Maria

Full Electric Ferry Sankta Maria

Full electric ferry Sankta Maria

The world’s first fully solar-powered electric car ferry built by Ostseestaal is now ready for service. We at EST-Floattech are honoured to have contributed to the success of this innovative project. The fully electric/zero emissions ferry will serve a crossing on the Moselle river, between Oberbillig, Germany and Wasserbillig, Luxembourg.

Each year, the ferry will transport an average of 143,000 people, 66,000 cars, 1,600 motorcycles and almost 20,000 bicycles. The innovative new electric car ferry is 28 meters long and almost 9 meters wide, with a carrying capacity of 25 tonnes and the ability to transport 45 pedestrians and 6 vehicles per crossing.

Fully Electric Solar and Battery Powered Ferry

Fully Electric Solar and Battery Powered Ferry

By replacing the old ferry used for the crossing, the new ferry will save 14,000 litres of diesel per year, which is equal to the annual fuel consumption of 775 diesel-powered cars. The new ferry also features significantly reduced noise levels, and completely eliminates the exhaust gases and fine particulates emitted by the old diesel ferry.

The energy to power the ferry is provided by 15 solar panels and EST-Floattech Green Orca 1050 Lithium NMC batteries, with a total installed capacity of 252 kWh.

New Generation Green Orca

The New Generation Green Orca 1050 by EST-Floattech (Lithium NMC Chemistry) is certified by the German certification agency ZSUK, ensuring that the Green Orca meets the latest German certification requirements.

About EST-Floattech

EST-Floattech is a young company based in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, which delivers low weight/low volume energy storage systems based on Lithium NMC technology, with a focus on the maritime industry and land-based off-grid mobile storage systems. EST-Floattech is a market leader in the field of energy storage for full electrical and hybrid maritime applications.

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