Fjord Maritime chooses for EST-Floattech’s Energy Storage


Fjord Maritime chooses for EST-Floattech’s Energy Storage

The Norwegian company Fjord Maritime recently signed several contracts for the power supply for different fish farms. EST-Floattech is honoured to supply the battery power for the latest innovative energy supply concept launched by Fjord Maritime, the Fjord Hybrid®.

Booming Aquaculture in Norway

As the aquaculture industry in Norway grows, Norwegian fjords are faced with pollution challenges. Sea and air Pollution are high focus areas for this industry in combination with reducing the cost levels.

The Fjord Hybrid®, is ideally suited for the challenges feeding barges face, as they often have no access to shore power, and are located in remote places and forced to use diesel for running their operations. Energy efficiency and the use of batteries are not only beneficial in terms of reduced emissions, but also for operational reliability and uptime.

The FJORD HYBRID® Solution

Fjord Hybrid®, is a hybrid solution that makes optimal use of generators, batteries, electrical drives and smart software and control systems to reduce generator running time up to 90%; from 24 hours per day to three. The Fjord Hybrid® also allows the generators to run at the optimal load. This helps cut fuel consumption up to 60% and reduces emissions.

By reducing and optimising the running time, the Fjord Hybrid® also reduces service and maintenance costs. Shorter generator running time means less noise for those who work on the barge and any of the barge’s neighbours.

Fjord Maritime worked closely together with EST-Floattech and Bosch Rexroth to design and test the optimized and best fitted solution for the feeding barges and  secured the best operation between the power management system, batteries and drives.

FJORD HYBRID® mobile and multi-functional

Fjord Hybrid® can be delivered in a container that can be placed at a suitable location on board, or the application can be installed in the vessel itself. The containerized concept can easily be moved to other existing ship platforms at any time. The entire operation is controlled remotely by Fjord Maritime via the Fjord Control system, which transmits information about the status and deviant or unexpected events. This way, corrections can be performed remotely to secure the up-time.

The Green Orca High Energy Batteries

The Green Orca High Energy battery is one of the safest Lithium NMC batteries developed and meets all necessary safety standards. The result is an extremely robust and safe battery that makes no compromises with regard to high energy density and excellent specifications.

Its safety is guaranteed by an intrinsic and passive safety system that has earned certifications and type approval from the strictest classification societies. The EST-Floattech batteries are built and delivered in “box” modules. This way, the battery system can be designed and assembled very flexible to adapt for any arrangement. (download the Green Orca Brochure).

About EST-Floattech

EST-Floattech is a developer and supplier of high-quality battery and energy storage systems, with offices in Norway and the Netherlands and strong representation in Germany. It serves the market with extremely safe and highly certified low weight/low volume energy storage systems based on Lithium NMC technology.

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