First canal boat in Amsterdam goes electric

EST-Floattech delivers ESS to Lovers Amsterdam

Battery Capacity136,5 kWh
MarketFerries and River Cruises

The electrification of tour boats is in full swing in the canals of Amsterdam and EST-Floattech has been rewarded with the first project!

Lovers Canal Cruises, the expert in the field of canal cruises, has requested us to electrify the first canal tour boat.

The reduction gear halves the speed and doubles the torque to the propeller shaft. This has the advantage that it is possible to work with a relatively small electric motor, whereby the electric motor is used as optimally as possible.

Several years ago, the municipality of Amsterdam implemented stringent emissions legislation for canal cruise boat and other ships sailing in the city of Amsterdam. The legislation requires all canal cruise boats to have zero emission by 2025. In Amsterdam there are currently around 120 large canal cruise boats and many smaller ships operating in the canals of Amsterdam.

Canal boat "Jan van Riebeeck"
Project Details
CustomerLovers Canal Cruises
Capacity136,5 kWh
Type of vesselCanal tour boat
Battery SolutionGreen Orca 1050

Optimal safety

The energy storage system (ESS) delivered by EST-Floattech has a raft of integrated safety features. Its unique active balancing
and passive safety system is applied at the module and string level. Heat is dissipated by a simple off-the-shelf aircon unit. The battery racks are a favorable option as they can easily be installed in a modular fashion.


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