Our Modules

Maintenance-free and efficient

At least as important as the cell chemistry is the module. A single module contains 7 or 14 Li-NMC cells. The module gives the cells the shape of a battery. Our basic principle when developing them was to achieve a maintenance-free and efficient module.


Spring tension

We use spring tension instead of nuts and screws, and this makes the battery maintenance free. In contrast to using screws, the cells always retain their maximum clamping and there is no need to regularly check the springs.

Moreover, the unique structure excludes any ‘foreign material’ from between the tabs. Our battery thus has maximum efficiency, and there is virtually no loss of energy. With 1C/1C, our battery module has more than 95% efficiency.

The modules have been executed in a waterproof IP65 casing.

Tested and found to be safe

Our battery module also complies with the strictest requirements. Our battery module has been tested with a good outcome in accordance with:

  • Vibration DNV SfC-2.4 3.6
  • Dry Heat DNV SfC-2.4 3.7
  • Damp Heat DNV SfC-2.4 3.8
  • Cold** DNV SfC-2.4 3.9
  • EMC DNV SfC-2.4 3.14


The advantages of our modules

  • Spring loaded and therefore vibration proof.
  • Low impedance, less energy loss.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Waterproof IP67 casing.
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