Our Cell Technology

Superior performance

The applied lithium polymer cells (Li-NMC) from leading South-Korean company Kokam Ltd offer the best performance when it comes to weight and volume. Our 200Ah cells are characterised by their extremely high energy density, and the weight and space savings can even reach 75% compared to traditional battery systems.


Proven technology

Their high-energy density and unique weight/volume relationship mean lithium polymer batteries are used a great deal in business-critical applications such as in aviation, aerospace and in submarines. Li-NMC cells are thus used in, among other things, the Solar Impuls, an aircraft that flies around the earth on solar energy, and the Deep Challenger, the submarine that took James Cameron more than 10,000 meters below sea level in the Mariana Trench.


Safe and reliable

World-wide, Li-NMC cells are used in mission-critical energy systems where the highest safety standards apply, such as in aviation, aerospace and in submarines.

Not only is the chemical composition important when it comes to efficiency and safety, but the structure of the cell is at least as vital. The Kokam cells we use have been constructed according to the Zig-Zag principle. This means the current takes the shortest route to the cell tabs, with the greatest advantage being that the least possible resistance arises. This delivers maximum efficiency and a minimum of heat development.

The shape of the cell is furthermore important. If the surface area of the cell is greater, the cell’s heat-transferring capacity increases and heat development within the cell is minimal. Lastly, all our cells are equipped with a fuse tab on the cathode side. In the event of a short circuit, this immediately burns out and the system automatically disconnects.

Cycle life

The high efficiency in combination with the low heat development means our battery technology excels in terms of cycle life. With 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD – 23°C +/- 3°) e.g. 4200 cycles and with 50% DoD 22,000 cycles and 80,000 cycles with a DoD of 20%.

Tested and found to be safe

Our cells have of course been tested within the framework of various certifications.

Our cell tests:

  • External Short Circuit IEC 62619 8.2.1 (alternatively IEC 62281 T-5 or UN38.3 T-5)
  • Impact IEC 62619 8.2.2 (alternatively IEC 62281 T-6 or UN38.3 T-6)
  • Thermal abuse IEC 62619 8.2.4 (alternatively IEC 62281 T-2 or UN38.3 T-2)
  • Overcharge IEC 62619 8.2.5 (alternatively IEC 62281 T-7 or UN38.3 T-7)
  • Forced Discharge IEC 62619 8.2.6 (alternatively IEC 62281 T-8 or UN38.3 T-8)

The advantages of our cells

  • High energy density.
  • Lighter and smaller.
  • Long life.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Less heat formation and higher efficiency.
  • Fuse tab automatically disconnects system in event of short circuit.
  • Extensively tested.
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