Our Battery Management System

100% safety

Our cells and modules are built to be especially safe. However, we go one step further: with our Battery Management System (BMS) we also check the reliability of the energy stored, meaning we can guarantee 100% safety.


Active balancing during use

Our BMS has been created based on active balancing. It automatically and continually (once every 10 milliseconds) monitors the performance of all individual cells in a module based on voltage, temperature and resistance. We do this during usage: meaning you don’t need to stop the system for balancing. While other battery systems regularly have to be deactivated to rebalance every cell, with us, operation simply continues. Active balancing means individual cells automatically supplement each other: that way, voltage gaps are balanced from 10 millivolts in real time. Each deviation is corrected, meaning the battery system performs optimally at all times with maximum safety.

Always fully operational

Our BMS provides extremely precise and detailed measurements of the amount of energy stored per cell: up to 1/1000 voltage differences can be measured. If the voltages differ more than 10mV, energy is transferred from one cell to the other. This way, all cells within a battery are perfectly balanced at all times.

The active balancing is furthermore also activated between the various battery modules within the battery string. Our Battery Control Unit (BCU) sees to this, and you are thus assured of perfectly balanced batteries that are always available for uninterrupted deployment.

Safety down to the cell level

Since we monitor each cell, we are able react at an extremely early stage in the event of an incident. In highly exceptional cases, should a cell go outside its specs, the battery will proactively be deactivated. In the event of serial switching, the string is deactivated and thus a chain reaction is prevented.


Redundant execution

Another element contributing toward safety is the redundant execution of our BMS. Our BMS has two safety systems working independently from each other: a software system and a hardware system.


Tested and safe: Certified by DNV-GL Type Approval

Our BMS has of course been fully tested and certified in accordance with the latest DNV-GL standards and type approval. This makes our battery system future proof. The following tests have been conducted successfully:

  • Safety function test – Emergency stop function
    • Alarms and shutdowns
    • High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL)
    • Temperature protection BMS
    • Overvoltage protection BMS
    • Undervoltage protection BMS
    • Communication Failure
    • Additional tests based on the implemented safety functions,
    • ref FMEA for the BMS
  • Overcharge with Voltage IEC 62619 9.2.2
  • Overcharge with Current IEC 62619 9.2.3
  • Overheating Control IEC 62619 9.2.4


The advantages of our BMS

  • Monitoring state of health and state of charge at cell level.
  • Active balancing at cell level.
  • No overflow and heating individual cells.
  • No chain reactions.
  • Never unbalanced system.
  • Redundant control.
  • Maximum safety.
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