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We prioritise your sustainable energy needs and your specific application when selecting an energy storage solution. We think economical performance and sustainability go hand in hand. We believe in clean, safe and strong electrical energy; good for people, environment and climate.

Safe and reliable: from cell to Battery Control Unit

We use lithium polymer battery cells from market leader Kokam Ltd in South Korea as a basis for our battery systems. Their products are extremely reliable and powerful in terms of performance, and possess an excellent relationship between energy density, weight and volume.

The strength of our battery is that we are able to monitor and adjust the performance, health and voltage right down to cell level.

A single module contains 7 or 14 Li-NMC cells. Using spring tension instead of screws and bolts means the module is maintenance free and efficient. The modules have been executed in a waterproof IP67 casing.

Our intelligent Battery Management System with active balancing supplements individual cells if required, and prevents voltage differences and thus under and overload situations. By controlling and monitoring the voltage, temperature and resistance, you’re ensured a safe and reliable source of energy. However great your demand for energy is, safety and reliability of any desired constellation of strings is controlled by the Battery Control Unit. This entire system chain of cell, module and Battery Management System up to and including the Battery Control Unit is tested and certified by DNV-GL product type approval.

Our cell technology

The applied lithium polymer cells (Li-NMC) from leading South-Korean company Kokam Ltd offer the best performance when it comes to weight and volume. Our 200Ah cells are characterised by their extremely high energy density, and the weight and space savings can even reach 75% compared to traditional battery systems.

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Our modules

At least as important as the cell chemistry is the module. A single module contains 7 or 14 Li-NMC cells. The module gives the cells the shape of a battery. Our basic principle when developing them was to achieve a maintenance-free and efficient module.

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Our Battery Management System (BMS)

Our cells and modules are built to be especially safe. However, we go one step further: with our Battery Management System (BMS) we also check the reliability of the energy stored, meaning we can guarantee 100% safety.

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Our Battery Control Unit (BCU)

The compact Battery Control Unit (BCU) is responsible for communication between the various battery modules and the application’s power management. The BCU transforms the separate battery modules into a true Energy Storage System (ESS), as it were. This gives rise to a system fully integrated with the total power management system.

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