Batteries of EST-Floattech on Hybrid Passenger Vessel in Potsdam

Weisse Flotte Potsdam has commissioned Schiffswerft Bolle to build a battery-hybrid inland passenger excursion vessel

Battery Capacity126 kWh
MarketFerries and River Cruises

Weisse Flotte Potsdam has commissioned Schiffswerft Bolle to build a battery-hybrid inland passenger excursion vessel. EST-Floattech will provide the lithium battery packs for the ship, which is expected to be launched early in the second quarter of 2019.

The hybrid vessel, christened ‘Schwielowsee’, will be equipped with seating for 250 passengers, as well as full catering facilities and space for 20 bicycles on the foredeck. The electric vessel is propelled by two 120 kW electric motors, which are powered by 126kWh of lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged with shore power or diesel generators on board the ship.

Fully electric tour cruises on the Wannsee and Havelsee

The vessel will operate near Potsdam, primarily for tour cruises on the Wannsee and Havelsee lakes. Within the built-up areas of Potsdam and where residential buildings are located near the shore, the ship must operate solely on battery electric power. The ship is capable of fully electric battery-powered operation for one out of three Wannsee cruises per day.

Passenger vessel "MS Schwielowsee"
Project Details
CustomerWeiße Flotte Potsdam
Capacity126 kWh
Type of vesselHybrid inland passenger excursion vessel
Battery SolutionGreen Orca 1050

Optimal safety

The energy storage system (ESS) delivered by EST-Floattech has a raft of integrated safety features. Its unique active balancing
and passive safety system is applied at the module and string level. Heat is dissipated by a simple off-the-shelf aircon unit. The battery racks are a favorable option as they can easily be installed in a modular fashion.

Fast delivery and modular battery system

“It’s an honour for us to be able to participate in this project, and that our batteries make silent and emissions-free operations possible in the sensitive areas around Potsdam”, says Koen Boerdijk, Account Manager and EST-Floattech representative in Germany.

“We were selected by Henkelhausen and systems integrator Kadlec & Brödlin because we were able to contribute to the ideal layout early in the process, we could guarantee fast delivery times, and because our system has an ideal modular structure, without compromising on safety and high energy density”, Hoffman continues.


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