Our ESS proven to be successful for wind energy applications

The GenHook™ is designed as Zero-Emission-Crane™by Kenz-Figee

Battery Capacity21 kWh
MarketWind Energy

Early 2019 our energy storage solutions (ESS) have been installed on the first GenHook™   up-tower crane, and since in operation, proven its success. We are proud to be partner of this green crane solution that sets the bar in the renewable market of wind energy.

Now that the first installations have proven to be successful, we are granted with more orders.

Project Details
Electrical IntegratorEngie Electroproject
Capacity per installation21 kWh
Battery SolutionGreen Orca 1050

The GenHook™ is designed as Zero-Emission-Crane™by Kenz-Figee, and fully powered by the Wind Turbine auxiliary power circuit. The cranes are equipped with fully-electric winches which can lift and exchange gearboxes, blades and generators with extreme accuracy, while working in wind speeds up to 18 meters per second. Thanks to our battery pack, hoisting speeds increased substantially and energy is regenerated during lowering.

The project started early this year where Engie Electroproject (located in Zaandam, The Netherlands), the electrical integrator of this project, reached out to us to see whether our product would fit the limited battery space of the crane, without having to compromise on power. Unlike other battery solutions, our patented products is compact and robust in design and designed for harsh environments in the offshore maritime industry.

We thank Engie for the order!


Optimal safety

The energy storage system (ESS) delivered by EST-Floattech has a raft of integrated safety features. Its unique active balancing
and passive safety system is applied at the module and string level. Heat is dissipated by a simple off-the-shelf aircon unit. The battery racks are a favorable option as they can easily be installed in a modular fashion.


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