EST-Floattech delivers ESS to 8 zero-emission excavators

EST powers Caterpillar excavators with 2,4 MWh

Battery Capacity 300 kWh
MarketLandbased Applications

From idea to reality

Construction machinery accounts for 30% of the emissions in the city of Oslo. That situation inspired Pon Equipment to develop a zero-emissions solution which is ready for the future. In 2017, Pon Equipment started the development of the first full electric battery excavator for the Cat 323 machine.
An in-depth research and testing period which took almost two years, Pon Equipment, Caterpillar and EST-Floattech worked on the development of a new excavator, the so-called Z-line. Diesel components such the diesel engine, fuel tank and exhaust system were replaced by an electrical motor, frequency inverters and our heavy-duty lithium NMC batteries. During normal operation the excavator will reduce the CO2 emissions with 52 tons fuelled by clean, environmental friendly Norwegian power.

First serial produced battery electric excavator of this size in the world

Once the first prototype proved to be successful, Pon Equipment built 8 fully commercial electric excavators. As preferred supplier EST-Floattech delivered liquid cooled batteries that are able to be heated and cooled within high ambient temperature variations. The batteries are modelled in boxes for easy installation, high volumetric energy density and have a long lifetime. The battery capacity is enough to support 5-7 hours of operation.

The machine is equipped with a widely used power connecting charger for 400V connections. A standard hourly charge will give the vehicle an hour of operating time, compared to the fast charging option of one hour which gives a full battery operation time of 5-7 hours.

Excavators "Z-Line"
Project Details
Capacity per installation300 kWh
Battery SolutionKokam

Kokam battery technology

EST-Floattech delivered Li-Ion NMC batteries produced by Kokam, as EST is representing Kokam products in Europe. The 74 VDC batteries have individual water envelopes between all cells to secure uniform heating and cooling of all cells. This unique design together with high quality cells does safeguard long lifetime and a continuous charge and discharge operation without any cooldown period.


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